Retirement Wishes

Retirement Wishes: Is your coworker going to retire? In general, all the staff members or say co-workers sign a retirement card and send some personal retirement greetings to credit the event.

Retirement day is a day of celebration with a person who has comprehensively worked hard to achieve his/her company’s goal and hence, it is the time to for him/her to take some rest. This is the day, where the person would never think of or looks for weekends to come; since from now on; every day for him/her is a great day of celebration.

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best-retirement-wishes Retirement Wishes

A retirement day is a farewell from all the staff members to the retiring person, and this is the day the retiring person is going to miss all his/her co-worker, friends, forever.

It is very common that, for any celebrations, we make a new wish and dedicate it to the loved one through a greeting card, text messages and sometimes by speech.

best-retirement-wishes-co-workerRetirement Wishes

When the right time has arrived, make sure to use some of the best words to raise a toast that plants a beautiful moment.

Start wishing the retiring person one by one and don’t forget to take group selfie to remember this long professional journey.

Retirement wishes are to appreciate someone who has accomplished a huge milestone in their life.

best-wishes-for-retirement-message Retirement Wishes

To all the staff members, it is a bit tricky to write retirement messages for a co-worker. Some might feel green with envy about the person retires. So, please don’t let your greed put you from wishing a very happy retirement wishes. Remind that, the retiring person (She/he) has worked hard to achieve this very long goal.

This is the last opportunity to express the gratitude for a valued co-worker if you want to make your co-workers retirement day a memorable one? Then;

retirement-messages-wishesRetirement Wishes

In this blog post, we have some impressive list of retirement wishes, retirement message, beautiful retiring wish for him/her and retirement card for staff, friends or family member who is very close to your heart.

best-wishes-for-retirement-sayingsRetirement Wishes

These retirement words are the best wishes for the co-worker for the future. Read the below sample retirement words and wishes to find the sentiments or feelings about your co-worker.

Inspirational Retirement Wishes

  • I wish this retirement greeting from me open up all your endeavors, and give you new prospect for your future.
  • From the bottom of my heart, wishing you a triumphal retirement to you for the bright future and hope you accomplish all the things you always hunted to do.
  • We have learned a lot of stuff from you, and you are our inspiration for the rest of our life. Best wishes from all the staff members.

retirement-wishes-coworkerRetirement Wishes

  • Best greetings on your retirement day, we want you a dazzling future and all your dreams come true.
  • Your kindness, humble nature has thought us to become a person like you, and we are so much thankful for all the things you extended for us. Happy Retirement Day!!

happy-retirement-wishesRetirement Wishes

Best Wishes For Retirement Savings

  • We are so much gifted to work with you, and having a person like you is more than any other things in the world. We miss you and wish you a triumphal retired life ahead.
  • Over the years, it has been most blessed days for all of us to work with you, and hope you enjoy every moment of this day.
  • The retirement greetings from is just a material term of my deepest feelings. Congratulations on your retirement day and wish you a great future ahead.

retirement-wishesRetirement Wishes

  • Retirement days are the golden days for you; from now, you no need to worry about the alarm, no more meetings with co-workers. Wish you a happy retirement.
  • Over the past years, you played a significant role in our company and this retirement day is the result of all your hard work, and a great start of a line of business to enjoy the fruits of that success.

inspirational-retirement-wishesRetirement Wishes

Inspirational Retirement Wishes

  • We wish you a very happy ending, and welcoming your new journey of endeavors to come true.
  • May this retirement day brings you the most beautiful part of your life; we wish you a great start ahead.
  • You have helped me, supported me in every this and that, I’m very proud of you and wish you congratulations on your retirement.

sample-retirement-wishesRetirement Wishes

  • You thought us to be always confident, encouraged on how to survive in a competitive field. We wish you an incredible journey after your retirement.
  • Firstly congratulations on your retirement, It’s been so much blessed to work with you, your inspiring words shaped me a lot to achieve me more. Thanks for being with us.

retirement-best-wishesRetirement Wishes

Best Wishes For Retirement Message

  • You have thought us to strive for big things and continue doing it. We truly appreciate from the bottom of my heart a triumphal retirement day.
  • You are so much inspiring, it is tough to us to continue workplace without your presence, and we wish you great days ahead. Happy retirement day!!
  • You are so much unique, and one such rare person to meet. We are blessed to have you a co-worker, and we miss you so much. Happy retirement day!!

short-retirement-wishesRetirement Wishes

  • You have helped us a lot by acknowledging all our queries, no matter how much stupidity our question looks like. Thank you so much for the fabulous things you have done to us, and we wish you a very great start. Happy Retirement!!
  • We felt so much delight to work with you, and your dedication towards our company has made a significant impact on the business. We miss you truly and wish you a happy retirement day!!

retirement-best-wishes-co-workerRetirement Wishes

Words for Retirement Wishes

  • Work with a person with was a great pleasure for us; we appreciate your approach to solving queries, and you have taught us so many things. Wish you a very happy retirement day!!
  • Our team is so much gifted to work with you, your creative ideas and suggestions have taught us to do tremendous things. We honor you your work and contribution to the company. Happy Retirement Day!!
  • We have learned so much from you, and we miss you. You are so supportive, always encourages us to do things in a simple and most possible way. Happy Retirement Day!!

wishes-for-retirementRetirement Wishes

  • You have made us heroes and has always impressed with your ideas. We wish you a great success and a euphoric beginning.
  • Thank you for being a tireless proficient, the contribution you did for this company guarantees that you will not be forgotten soon. The achievement you brought made quite an impact and not so simple to do these days. We miss a great co-worker. Happy Retirement Day!!

retirement-best-wishes-co-worker-adviceRetirement Wishes

Short Retirement Wishes

  • Wish you unlimited happiness; hope you achieve all your dreams which you always wanted to do.
  • It’s time to say goodbye and say welcome to your new journey.
  • As a team you deserve a lot of things in this long career, and we wish you same for the rest of your life.
  • You are the hardest workers we have come across; you justify this day. Happy Retirement Day!!

Words-for-retirement-wishesRetirement Wishes

  • Surely, you will be in our thoughts for the work you did; we appreciate your efforts and contributions. Congratulations on your retirement.
  • Congratulations on retiring, you may have got a lot of promotions all through your career, other than the best bonus of your life star now as you pay out more time with your acquaintances and relatives.

retirement-best-wishes-co-worker-messagesRetirement Wishes


Best Retirement Wishes – We wish you a very happy retirement wishes from the whole team, for your information, these best retirement wishes are useful in a lot of ways. Like, you can use it to send best wishes for retirement savings or message.