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Best Relationship Quotes For Her – A beautiful quote on relationships is “It’s not about whom you spend the most time with; it’s about whom you have the most memories with.” We have all been through relationship quotes, each one a journey on its own. We sometimes climbed uphill and at other times made the arduous trek down; the roads we traveled on were sometimes uneven and rough and at other times smooth.cute-relationship-quotes-advice Relationship Quotes

However, whether you end up reaching a destination or not it is always the memories of the journey that you fondly remember. So how do you create those memories? How do you create a relationship that you smile, each time you think about? The goal of each relationship quotes should be to share happiness and love, so how do you create a relationship that ignites a fire in your soul and more importantly, one that lasts?

Love Quotes for a New Relationship

Accept & Appreciate

In life, it is essential that one finds a person who accepts you for who you are and in return you must accept them wholly for who they wish to be. What is the point of falling in love with someone and then trying to make them into an entirely different person? In that case, you would have fallen in love with someone else and ended up being in a relationship with a different person. When you fall in love with someone, learn to embrace and admire their uniqueness, their individuality.

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Don’t try to customize their personality as per your whims and fancies. A famous quote on the relationship by Joan Crawford goes – “Love can be like a fire, it could either warm your heart or burn down your house. You can never tell.” Make sure you are careful of the same.

Quotes on Relationship Problems

One cannot stop at accepting. We must learn to appreciate people for who they are, the choices they make, the decisions they take. As far as it does not harm anyone else, why must we judge? The more you judge them, the lesser of themselves will they be in front of you? When you build boundaries for others, in reality, you build walls for yourself. Make an effort to understand each other. Also, do not forget to appreciate them for what they do for you, even for the smallest of things. A word of kindness makes a huge difference.

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New Relationship Love Quotes

Give Space

It is excellent to spend time with each other and share the joys of life, but life doesn’t begin and end at the two of you. Other people cherish you and your company you should not stop each other from spending with others who are near and dear. No relationship can last unless built on the foundations of trust and faith. The more possessive you get, the lesser you receive. Treasure your partner but not like how you treasure material things.

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In a beautiful story by Swami Vivekananda, he narrates how once he was sitting beside his friend next to a swimming pool and she carefully cupped her hands and filled them with water and said ‘You see this water, it represents love’ and the following is how he interpreted it – Till the time you keep your hands caringly cupped, the water remains. The minute you try to possess it and try and clutch your hands, it spills from the first crack it finds.

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Relationship Love Quotes

And beautiful relationship quotes on love by Swami Vivekananda follows his story –
“This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love…they try to possess, demand, expect… and this is when people lose love just as water spills out of their hands since love ought to be free, you cannot change its nature. If there are people you love, allow them to be free beings.

Give and don’t expect. Advise, but don’t order. Ask, but never demand. It sounds rather simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice. It is the secret to true love. To truly practice it, you must sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet an unconditional caring.

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Take Interest. Make It Interesting

It is not enough to know what your partner likes. Take the effort to get involved in their favorite activities. I am sure there are mutual interests you can pursue together and even if there aren’t many, have an open mind and at least try and experiment with things they like.

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This gives you more things to do together and opens the doors for ample of interesting conversations and fun times. If he likes gaming, try gaming with him if she likes singing, sing with her. Play like it like you own it and sing it like no one is hearing. The real fun of relationship quotes is in being you and being true!

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Do not get swallowed up by the monotonous routine of daily life. Keep things interesting. Take short trips, take unplanned surprise trips. Pen down a bucket list of stuff you want to do and do them together. Surprise your partner with kisses – Don’t shy away from showing your affection. To make them feel special or to keep the love kindling, you do not need to do something extraordinary or lavish. Try simple things like lying down on the terrace and gazing at stars, going for a picnic on a lovely Sunday afternoon or only holding them in your arms and telling them what you love about them.

Here Is One of the Best Relationship Quotes

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Fight but never let it turn ugly – It is impossible to hope that you two will never have a moment of disagreement. I feel arguments and fights are healthy. It means you two are vocal about your wishes and neither one of you is submissive.

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Such moments only show that you have the freedom to express, and only such relationships stand the test of time. Again, there’s a lovely relationship quote I happen to remember, it says, “You must worry when I fight with you but worry you must when I stop because it means there is nothing left for us to fight for.”

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However, one should be careful about how you fight. It is needless to say that one should not get physical but apart from that, you ought to be careful of the things you say. As they say, ‘words are mightier than swords’ and your words can make a person bleed. Make it a point never to hit below the belt, to never hurt your partner with things they are sensitive about.

For example, if you partner is struggling financially, don’t make the mistake of calling out in their financial situation during a fight. The same holds true for body image issues and a range of other things.

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Another reason why many relationships don’t succeed is that people keep on bringing up the mistakes their partner made in the past. When one makes a mistake, confront them immediately and don’t fear to express. Express it then and sort it out. Don’t carry the baggage wherever you go. It’ll tire you more than anyone else. Let the bygones be bygones, my dear.

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Do Not Forget To Love The Two Of You.

Be patient and kind with your partner, for love is too but commit yourself completely to your partner and give it all you have got but at the end of the day don’t forget that a relationship is about ‘the two of you.’ It is as much about you as it is about you partner.

To yourself, you must give, as much as you give to your partner. Cherish yourself as much as you admire your partner. Love yourself enough to respectfully walk away from what is not meant to be and to have the power to fight through what was not destined to be. You have to take care of yourself.

Ernest Hemingway is a poet we all adore and this relationship quotes by him are the best relationship advice you would have ever received.

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