5+ Ways On How To Make Him Miss You & Want You Back

How To Make Him Miss You & Want You Back – Do you remember how your boyfriend used to tell you that he misses you in the starting of your relationship? Guys never have a problem to express their feelings in the starting of a relationship, but later they slowly stop voicing their opinions because they take you for granted and you will notice the spark between you both fading as he doesn’t put any efforts to make you feel special again.

So, girls do you want to see the spark glow again? Do you want him to miss you? Do you want your beautiful days back? Then read on.

How to make him miss you.

5+ Ways On How To Make Him Miss You

how-to-make-him-miss-you How To Make Him Miss You

Make Him Wait Before You Return His Calls And Texts

We know you respond to his calls and texts immediately because he is your special one but absence will make the heart fonder. So, go him wait before you take his call or respond to his text. You texting immediately will make him feel that you are just sitting and waiting for his text. This will make him take you for granted. Hence, make him wait so that he will think why you aren’t texting immediately and yes, your thought will make him miss you.

Leave Him Longing For You

Ladies, we know how much you love your man and want to make things easy for him. But this making easy for him will make him feel bored after a point of time. If he is losing interest in you, then it’s mistake. What do you value more? Things which you get easily? Or things for which you have worked hard? You chose the second option, right? So, this is why you should give him challenges to win you. Don’t be easy. Men love to earn and chase challenges.

how-to-make-him-miss-you-and-want-you-back How To Make Him Miss You

End The Conversations First

You end the conversation first. You can talk to him and text him and flirt with him, but you should be the one who should stop the discussion first. Leaving a good-bye text or ending the call first will make him crave to get back to you again. We know you want to talk to him as long as possible but be strong and have patience and let the things work the way they have to work.

how-to-make-him-miss-you-after-breakup How To Make Him Miss You

Limit The Social Media Usage

 Your guy looks cute in his Instagram dp, and he has updated his status or photos but stay strong and don’t comment or like his picture. Portrait as if you are too busy for social networking stuff. You also keep your shares and social updates less you should be mysterious and exciting. So, don’t reveal everything in social media where someone can see and tell easily, who you are. Be hard to define.

how-to-make-him-miss-you-through-text How To Make Him Miss You

Use Things To Make Him Miss You

Did you ever realize how small things you found in your room while cleaning can get you back to all the old memories you had with that person? Use the same trick leaves your stuff in his place or car or anything where he can find them and think about you. This will make him miss you badly.

So, these are few suggestions which you can use to get your spark glow between you both again. These things will make him realize how special you are and will get back your beautiful days back. So, what are you waiting for? Get your guy miss you.

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