Inspiration: A Secret Love Story Changed My World

A-Secret-Love-Story-Changed-My-World Inspiration: A Secret Love Story Changed My World

Inspiration: A Secret Love Story Changed My World –  It’s my total experience, which taught me so much and I would love to share with you. It brought change in me and changed my world.

A Secret Love Story Changed My World

MY TRUE LOVE – I was “16 years old”. In a cloudy evening, when I happen to see a boy from another side of my terrace named “Samar.” Yes! It was love at first sight.  I queried about him to my cousin. He gave me a sarcastic reply with a loud tone ” No chance, there are many girls back of him”. I decided to move on.

After 3 years, there I met a sweet lil guy “Sohan” who told me about his elder brother. Well, I started wondering about him. Then Sohan became very friendly and same continued. He used to say about his brother every time he visited my aunt place. You must be thinking what made me think of him?

He used to say “my brother is such a lazy guy.” “He sleeps so often that we need to remove our fuse to make him awake.”

All this negativity made me laugh and think about him more.

My First Attempt

I got his brother’s contact info.  I left him a text.  “Hi,” Ria here. I needed some books for reference purpose. I got your number from your brother.

Slowly our relationship started building. But we never saw each other.

My Lost Love Was Back

I shared my pic with him. I saw his pic on “Facebook.” I was stunned with a big surprise and a bit of shock.

“He was the guy I saw 3 years back”. When I said him.

He replied me the same story as mine, saying I am aware of this.  I tried to know you when I saw you in the terrace. My brother said me “no, there are already many boys in her life.” I moved on.

A-Secret-Love-Story-Changed-My-World Inspiration: A Secret Love Story Changed My World

Our First Meet

It was not less than “a fairy tale or a romantic movie”. It was raining, and every thunder made me get closer to him.

My First Mistake

I was a mischievous and naughty girl. He was a straightforward and shy guy. We both had a “Deadly Combination

He found me texting many guys, which were my friends. He asked me to stop. At times, I changed myself for him.

But, later I turned out to be same.

A Bad Girl Turned Good

After 4 years of our relationship, we started fighting like rest couples. But, unlike others, we never left each other’s side.  Many hurdles and life issues came we stood by each other’s side.

We changed each other. We corrected all our flaws. We never said “why” and “No.”

The result was a “Happy life”.

Changed My World

He made my life “Meaningful”. He taught me the biggest lesson everybody should know

  • Happiness is when you learn to keep yourself happy. If you’re not happy with someone, then move on.
  • Patience is what everyone doesn’t have, wait for right time. Try to achieve what you want. It meant to be yours if it’s yours.
  • Trust won’t come to you once it is gone but, if you’re guilty you will win their trust back.
  • Support your partner no matter how wrong they are, never leave their side.
  • Every problem has its solution. Never Give up. Everybody does mistake. The right one will help you forget and change you to make your life beautiful.
  • Possessiveness is a care which says some people and something is not good for you.

Decide what you want? If you can’t find a right one, be the right one 🙂

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