Simple and Short romantic messages for him or her

Simple and Short romantic messages

Most of the time a very brief love note work wonders. Simple as in few words, precise and straight to the point. This could come handy in situations were you may be in a hurry, you’re a late but its very romantic when you pop a text. Some women may not fancy very long text messages, should you discover that you lover falls in that category, just a simple memo that she is being loved, missed or remembered will go a long way in putting a smile on her face. These simple sample notes will do:

You’re loved

Love you like no other

I miss you.

I’m missing you.

I love you

You are always on my mind.

Its so busy in my heart because you are walking around everywhere

You are on my mind

You’re always on my mind

Your face popped out of the blue and now I cant sleep.

What are up to?

Where you at?

How are you today?

Hungry. Have you had lunch.

short romantic messages

Short romantic notes pave way for other lovely conversation.

Simple and short love messages paves way for continued discussion. Remember that the key to a healthy relationship is communication. When a messages this brief shows up, it quickens response and there you are with a reply on you mobile phone. It is just good enough that you care to send a message at first. After an outing or a date, always send to get feedback, it will make her feel better and relaxed. Even when you are late for work in the morning, a short romantic message will clear the air that though we get busy sometimes but you remain an important part of my life.

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Keep it simple.

I had a great time.

I hope you got home safe?

See you soon

Don’t be late, love you early

Beautiful skies today, reminds me of you

How was work today?

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