love message: none compares to you

Love messages, love lines and romance notes

Love messages and texts are a continuous wave for as long as you are in a relationship. These romance notes will keep your sweetheart lifted daily. Share these love lines and freely comment back. They will surely give someone a boost.


My dear sweet heart, no one can fill your space, no one can take your place, no one can even replace the love and joy you bring to my life.


Stop being so hot, you may cause a fire outbreak.


One day I asked my mirror -Mirror mirror on the wall -who’s the cutest of them all?

Mirror mirror on the wall -who’s the one that stole my heart?

And the mirror replied -“The person reading this message is the cutest and the thief of your heart”


Every time I get a message and each time my phone rings, I get in a hurry to see if its you. You’re my best notification.


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